Food & Agriculture

Food & Agriculture

Feeding the World One Season at a Time

Northern Colorado’s agriculture roots run deep, with a long history of ranching, farming and food export. As the industry has evolved, so has its diversity. Today, the northern plains are home to family-owned farms and agriculture corporations, as well as food and beverage producers of all sizes. From mass-production to specialty organic foods, agriculture covers all ends of the spectrum. In fact, Northern Colorado is leading the planet in the production of meat, cheese and craft brews. The region is also responsible for progressive contributions to the agriculture biotechnology sector. The industry is supported by the collaboration between three federal laboratories, the private sector and top-tier university training programs.



Number of Establishments: 610
2014 Average Employment: 8,677
2014 Average Income: $45,810


3 federal laboratories contribute to the region’s food and agriculture industry, including the United States Department of Agriculture, the National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation, the National Wildlife Research Center, and the United States Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station
Northern Colorado is home to the Cargill Specialty Seeds and Oils Innovation Center
Northern Colorado boasts the world’s largest producers of meat and mozzarella