Creative Industries

Creative Industries

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Northern Colorado’s business-friendly attitude and inspired location contribute to an atmosphere that is ripe for creative innovation. Encompassing literary, performing, and visual arts and design, the region is a growing leader in creative goods and talent. Thanks in part to well-supported community arts initiatives, leading academic programs, and a dizzying array of industry associations, Northern Colorado’s artists, entrepreneurs and innovators have a very bright future.


Number of Establishments: 274
2014 Average Employment: 2,251
2014 Average Income: $51,358


Loveland hosts the country's largest art sculpture weekend show
The University of Northern Colorado boasts the top university orchestra in the U.S.
Loveland has 200+ unique sculpture pieces
The UNC/Greeley Jazz Festival is the largest event of its kind in America
Greeley is home to a Certified Creative District, which is part of the Colorado Creative Industries Creative District Program
James Michener wrote his best-selling novel Centennial, while a resident of Greeley