Talent & Workforce

Talent & Workforce

Aptitude with Altitude

Gifted and talented is only the beginning. While Northern Colorado’s attractive lifestyle and sunny climate draws professionals and their families from all over the world, the region is also experienced in retaining a homegrown workforce.

Northern Colorado’s workforce and employment numbers are steadily growing. Employment is distributed across a wide range of industries with manufacturing, construction, mining and professional/technical services leading the way in employment numbers. With a median age of 34, the region’s population consists of many young Millennials that contribute to a workforce primed to grow.

High levels of education are a key factor in the booming growth of the area’s economy. Ninety-one percent of the population has a high school diploma or higher, while 36.1% has a bachelor’s degree or higher, which is well above the national average. Residents have access to superior education from preschool through post-graduate learning, and are hard-pressed to leave upon completion.

Colleges and Universities

Two four-year universities produce highly-educated graduates with a variety of degrees, from healthcare and engineering to business support and environmental studies.  University of Colorado, Boulder, is also less than an hour away from the region.

Two community colleges provide hundreds of flexible degree and certification options at an affordable cost that are designed to enable students to transfer to a four-year university or secure job placement.

Education and Workforce Training

Numerous private and public-sponsored training programs, technical colleges and industry associations support continuing education in a variety of chosen fields.

Larimer County Workforce Center

Weld County Workforce

Larimer Small Business Development Center

East Colorado Small Business Development Center

Rocky Mountain Service Employment Redevelopment

UNC Innovation

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